Coachella 2018

17 more days until Coachella 2018! I am so excited! I have wanted to go to Coachella since the year they did the hologram of 2pac! Talk about dope! This year Beyonce, Eminem and The Weekend are headlining and there are a lot of other amazing artists that I am excited to see. Wait, I’m sorry. Did I mention that Bey’ will be there???!

So, ask me if my bags are packed! Okay! Okay! If you really need to know… NO, but I do have a lot of great options! I have packed and unpacked my bag several times at this point.

Awwww mannnn!!!

It’s hard out here for Queen! I have my outfits broken down into 3 different categories.

  1. Definites – These item/looks are MUST WEARS. Whether I pack them to wear for the actual festival or plans outside of the festival, they WILL BE WORN! Oh and did I fail to mention PHOTO SHOOTS??? Listen, no outfit will be wasted!
  2. Options – So this pile contains pieces that can either assist in me switching up or adding to my definites. Also, being that I am so accident prone, I may just spill some juice or …Crown Royal (lol…ijs) or something on myself and need to move some things around. I got options bihhhhh! lol
  3. Just in case – Now this pile guarantees that I will be ready for any spontaneous moves my crew and I decide to make. We have few plans outside of Coachella itself, but you just never know. We have rented a house that has everything we would need, BUT plans change and um… She WILL NOT be caught slippin!

Then there are the accessories. Well… I haven’t really started on those yet, but they should be easy. Shoes… I am working on those too! Swim suits… I have one definite! lol Okay, so I have some work to do! All good. Rest assured that the day I board that flight headed to LAX, I will be FULLY packed.



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