Random Bother!

“I don’t eat at just anyone’s house!”

“You can’t trust JUST ANYONE with your food!”

“You won’t catch me eating at a pot luck! I just work with these people. I don’t know how they live!”

How many times have I heard this? Hell, how many times have I said it?

So let me get this. We say things such as the above, yet… we go to restaurants and order food which is, by the way, cooked by people WE DO NOT KNOW. It is also cooked in a kitchen that WE HAVE NEVER WALKED INSIDE OF. We don’t know if the cooks decided to wash their hands upon returning from the bathroom. We don’t know if the cookware was sanitized. We don’t know if the food was properly handled, yet, we take no issue with filling ourselves up with that same uncertainty.

At least we have some sort of association with the co-workers or fellow parents at our kids’ schools. We rarely even lay eyes on the people who are responsible for our often times over-indulged bellies!

For the record, I still won’t just eat at just anyone’s food and I will be at Panera Bread in the morning! lol

That is all.


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