I made it! (2 year LOCversary!)

2 years!  Today makes my 2nd year LOCversary and I am so proud! I wanted locs for years, but I guess you can say I feared the commitment. Since around the age of 13/14 when I was first allowed to take control of the styling of my hair, I’ve pretty much experimented with just about every style there was. From one day to the next, you would find me with a different hair style. I’d be doing good if I kept braids in for 2 weeks. I knew how to style my own hair so it was easy to switch the game up. I wasn’t ready to lose that versatility I’d always had in unloc’d hair. I didn’t want to be limited in what I could achieve with my hair. I just wasn’t ready.

Three big chops later and I was finally ready. June 8th 2016, I walked into my appointment at Estah’s Locs and Hair Care Salon and I was finally ready.  Whoa!


Happy to say that I have come a long way! When I decided that I wanted locs, I didn’t really take into consideration that there would be such a process. One in which I am still going through. You see, I was excited about about the “seasoned” product. When I saw women with these beautiful locs, that’s what I longed for. Hm… (LIGHT BULB MOMENT..lol). The quote which introduced my website goes as so:

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” -Maya Angelou

I chose to use this quote, because I feel its so relevant for me. So much so that I  also have this tattooed on me. This quote is just as perfect when considering my adoration for locs. I wanted the final product. I wanted the beautiful, fully matured locs, but not one time had I considered the changes they would have to go through in order to get to that state. Welp! I know now! There were so many times when I wanted to quit. I simply wanted to skip the adolescence stage and get right to maturity!  Sounds like life huh? lol Well, just like life, that isn’t possible. It’s just not how it works!

PROCESS! PROCESS! PROCESS! (In case you haven’t gotten it yet!)

Deciding to continue my loc journey also meant taking on an entirely different journey internally. It’s funny because just as I can see the physical growth in my locs, I can feel the growth from within. When I looked into the mirror, there were days that I didn’t like what I saw. The woman who loved to rock untamed hair that wasn’t hers (i.e. wigs and hair extensions) could not find a connection with her natural untamed mane. It’s almost as if I had been conditioned to not love or like myself in my natural state. They say knowing is half the battle.

So the second part of the battle begins and continues. I am on a journey to have a better appreciation for myself. To discover unchartered territories within myself and not only claim them, but either nurture or redevelop.

Happy 2nd LOCversary to me! #celebrating

P.S.- GROWTH allowed me to post the first photo collage!!! I’m proud of my growth!






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  1. onbecomingmaria says:

    both you and your locs are absolutely gorgeous! happy locsversary! 🙂

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    1. Awww! Very kind! Thank you very much!

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