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As I surfed through WordPress last night from my bed, I ran across a few blogs that I found to not only be encouraging in my own writing but also provided me with a blog entry for the day. TA DAAAAA! They touched on different styles of blogging and the personal “why’s” of blogging. I have decided to ask & answer a few of the questions from my readings from last night.

Why do you blog?

Reason 1. I blog because I have something to say. lol Cliche? For most of my life I have kept a personal journal in which I document (in great detail) the events of any particular day accompanied by my attached feelings. As years went by, my entries dwindled to basically non existence. I jot things down from time to time but I can no longer say that I keep a “journal.” I do go back and read my old writings periodically and it’s a great tracker of growth… or lack thereof. I am sure that through this blog, I will be doing the same.

Reason 2. For years I have followed some of my favorite bloggers such as Alex Elle ( Alexandra Elle) and I grew a great admiration for her transparency to the world. At least all who follow her. I found it to be quite… brave. I also wondered why she did it. It’s one thing to share your truth to your inner circle, but to the world? That requires a whole lot of spine! I then thought about how healing some of her posts had been for me. On several different occasions she’s posted something that was so spot on with what I was going through at that moment and I was able to find solace in knowing that I wasn’t alone. I’ve seen other people share similar gratitude though their replies as well. It then became my presumption that perhaps the gift of helping others through her own journey was rewarding enough. That thought was definitely inspiring. You just never know who may be going through some of the exact same things that you are going through and it may be my willingness to share my experience that helps them get through. This is my real life journey.

How do you choose your topics? 

For the most part, I just type whatever it is that is on my mind at that moment. I share my experiences and thoughts that are sitting on me. I am not on a posting schedule where I feel I need to write at a certain frequency. I don’t sit down and search for topics to blog about. I am CONSTANTLY thinking of something and if it is something that I feel I would like to discuss on my blog, thats what I do. Take this post for instance. After reading last night, I felt this post would be a great way for me to identify my… blog style… or personality? lol 

Do you feel you need to apply a certain filter to your blog posts?

I don’t. No, not really. If the thought gets past my natural filter and makes it to my site, it needs no further approval. What is read on this site, is me. It is Ebony and these are my real thoughts. I feel that I will attract and keep the audience that will appreciate my blog for what it is. Not what it isn’t or what it should be. I created this blog for myself first. I believe this blog will be therapeutic in many ways just as my physical journals were.  It’s my journey and I welcome current and future followers to accompany me along the way.

FYI, it was a LITTLE weird being on both the interviewing and the interviewee side for this post, but anything for a little clarity!


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  1. onbecomingmaria says:

    i love your blogging style. you open your heart here and allow the world to peek in. and you’re right, this helps us to feel connection, allows us to know we are not alone. keep writing, you are sharing your unique gifts with the world.

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    1. 😍😍😍 Thank you!

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