Hand, Foot, Mouth… Whaaaa?

“Did you wash your hands before you walked in my kitchen?”


“Grab a tissue or paper towel and grab that handle. Don’t use your hands.”

“You know to not sit on that toilet right?’

This is me just about every day. Ugh!!! I hate germs. lol Yeah, yeah, yeah. I am aware that they are everywhere. So are mosquitoes and flies, do YOU like them? Okay.  Moving right along. Becoming a mom has definitely made me become a germophobe. Kids touch EVERYTHING. Yep, not many exclusions there. I think it may be an age thing though, because when my kids were infants, I don’t recall being such a -phobe. I was cautious of course, but it’s different when they are babies.  In the beginning, they don’t have very many options where they can go. lol Let’s see. Crib, playpen, your arms and MAYYYYBEEEE the arms of someone else whose been thoroughly vetted of course. I kid! I kid! kinda…  lol. For a while they aren’t able to go outside of a small perimeter, so no worries.

At some point you lose all of the above control as your babies become little Doras and Diegos exploring the world. It is no longer as simple as taking a burping cloth and wiping away their spit up. They have outgrown their stroller and have no interest in being held. GIVE THEM FREE!

I have a 7, 9 and 12 year old. The youngest two are boys and if you have boys of your own, you know how that goes. Even though I have heard myths of very clean and tame little boys I have never met one. Trace, my 9 year old, is actually a pretty clean guy. He’s not on the verge of tears when I tell him to take a shower and he is pretty tidy overall. Carter on the other hand… This kid touches EVERYTHING. Just… because. Now, yes, I may be a little on the extra side when it comes to them touching stuff.

My “Don’t Touch” List:

  • public staircase banisters
  • bathroom door knobs
  • toilets
  • area near conveyer belt at register
  • dogs
  • people
  • walls

LOL… just don’t touch anything!

True Story: One day we were sitting in my truck as I headed home. My son had a “something” (I don’t remember what it was now) in his mouth that he was chewing on. I want to say it was like a piece of plastic or something. I am looking at him through my rearview mirror and I tell him to get it whatever it was, out of his mouth. It dawned on me that I didn’t know what the hell it was. I asked him and he said something along the lines of, “It was by the truck.” This child of mine (on his way into the truck) grabbed “something” that was sitting on the step board of my truck and just decided her wanted to put it in his mouth. Jesus take the wheel. Carter was about 3 when he did this.

A little over a week ago Carter woke up with a slight fever. This happened to be the morning of a scheduled Disney trip. I could tell he wasn’t feeling like himself, but after the Tylenol kicked in, he was his normal self again. On a normal day we would have skipped Disney. I live 2 exits away, so we can go at any time. Since my best friend was visiting with her kids for that very reason, I decided to stick with the plans. He seemed to be okay by the time we were preparing to leave. AS SOON as we walked through the entry points of Disney, Carter started acting a little lethargic. Thank God Disney has a medical plaza on site. I took him there and he had a fever of 104 degrees.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yikes! Okay, time to go! We let him lie down for a while longer as the medicine did it’s job and then we were out. At least I thought. We attempted to leave and between the walk to the parking lot and aimless walking around looking for our vehicle, Carter decided that he didn’t want to leave. His fever had gone down and he was back to his regular self again, so… we turned around and enjoyed what was left of the day.  Crazy what a fever can do to you. Check out the transformation:

That evening, his fever returned. The following day, Trace developed a fever as well. After doing this “mommy thing” for 12 years, I no longer rush to the hospital for everything.  I alternated between Tylenol and Motrin that night and the fever was gone the next day. Yes! The stormmmm is ovvverrr nowwww!!! lol

Yeah right. Both of my boys started breaking out on their hands, around their mouths and on the bottom of their feet.  So this was scary. I went through everything they had eaten and could not think of anything that would have caused any sort of allergic reaction. They have had allergy tests and though Trace is allergic to just about everything, Carter wasn’t shown to be allergic to anything. After ruling out an allergic reaction, I took my babies to the Emergency room in which they were very quickly diagnosed with the hand, foot and mouth disease. Say what? I had only heard about HFMD a few years prior but I thought this was only something that much younger kids got. Welp… I was wrong.

Update: The boys are all clear now. It’s run it’s course. 

My take way: As parents we try really hard to protect our kids from as much as we can. Hurt feelings, falls, accidents and sickness even. We can pack the Lysol. We can purchase the safety gear. We can set rules. We can hover over them like a helicopters catching live footage, but there are things that we just can’t protect them from. Sometimes its just in the air or… THE DOOR HANDLE. LOL


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  1. Te'Erica says:

    My cousin had to cancel her son’s first birthday party because he was diagnosed with HFMD too. It’s no joke. Glad they are well now. ❤️


    1. Yeah and it’s highly contagious. Though rare, adults can catch it as well. Thankful that I didnt catch it.


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