The Inevitable Changes

So I have not made it a secret that I have been going through some changes. Many of these changes I am welcoming with open arms as there is a real need for it.  I also understand that where there is change, there is growth. I’m all for growth. There are changes that I don’t quite understand. When it comes to these changes, I am realizing that I WILL NOT always find understanding in a place of confusion, so rather than go against the current, I must go with the flow. In due time I will go into further detail on the above mentioned changes.  I want to touch on the change that brought me to this entry tonight. This is one of those inevitable changes that you’ve heard about all your life. The changes that have enabled companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Oil of Olay and Neutrogena to stay in business.  Age! Yep, age. These are changes that are actually a blessing, because we technically want to age. As my mom would say as I was growing up. “You either get old or die young.” Merv, can I get Age (Gracefully) for 500 please? lol

My hair first started to grey a few years back. It started with a random strand to current day where I have a more than a few random strands and an entire grey streak in the front of my head. Grrr… (You will find that I growl a lot in my writing. lol Never mind me. Just letting off a little steam.) I’ve actually come to a place where my grey does not bother me.  I discover new moles on a daily.  Okay, so I may have exaggerated a bit there, but it’s OFTEN. I’ve come to embrace it all. I could be dealing with thinning hair and/or a receding hairline, so I am going to take my thick greying hair along with my mole constellations and appreciate it all for all that it is and is not. lol

My skin though…

Lately I look into the mirror and I see a face that it showing signs of age. Signs which I am positive are being assisted by poor eating habits, inefficient sleep, stress and dehydration. In the words of my mom (again) “Got to do betta!” I am 35 years old and I’d like to think that I look pretty good at this age. I would like to keep it that way, so… In addition to improving in the other contributing areas, I am doing what I have watched my mom and other women do ALL MY LIFE. I am going to adopt a skincare regimen for my face. I don’t quite know what I will end up sticking with but for now I am going to start with making sure I scrub and moisturize my face nightly.  EVERY NIGHT. I don’t wear foundation. I do fill my eyebrows and from time to time, I wear eyeliner and eye shadow.  Usually when on vacation or when I’m at an outing of some sort. Lately, I’ve been wanting to try foundation, because I have been so displeased with my skin. Tonight I decided that I don’t want a bandaid. I want to fix the problem, so I will be playing around with different regimens and seeing what works best for my skin. What are some of your practices? Do you have a daily/nightly regimen? Please feel free to share. I will also be sure to keep you all posted on what works for me.

Oh and ladies… Black DOES crack… and break too (lol I’ve seen it!) if you aren’t taking care of it.




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