Good Night’s Sleep

Last night I fell asleep to the sound of rain. It was probably the most peaceful sleep that I have had in a very long time. It wasn’t actually raining outside. It was one of those meditation/ambience (Gentle Rain and Distant Thunder) tracks which I set to repeat. I literally slept like a baby. At some point my ear buds began to hurt my ear so I snatched them out. lol

Before heading to turn down for bed and before “the rain began to fall,” I was catching up on some well needed reading. I purchased “The Motivation Manifesto” over 3 months ago and just like most books that I purchase, I start, become distracted and add them to the remaining mound of books I own with similar stories. I have a personal library of about 50+ books or so and I have read MAYBE 10 from front to back. I’ve always loved reading but its just another one of those things that I have allowed to take the backseat over the years. I must say that reading that book probably helped bring about a calm which aided in my sleeping beauty-like slumber. I will not neglect my enjoyment of reading again. Scouts honor!

In keeping up with this zeal, I will be making a list today of a monthly checklist of personal things that I want to do FOR ME.  I will be sure to share my list and as I check them off, I will share along with my experiences. I challenge you to do the same and feel free to share as well! This should be fun! So with that being said, you can look forward to some cool entries moving forward. Well I mean, ADDITIONAL cool entries as my current entries are already pretty cool, right? RIGHT? lol

I would like to leave anyone reading this post with the following thought as I close out.

We do A LOT of thinking and talking in life. We talk about things that we need to do. We talk about the things that we would like to do. We talk about things we need to do. We have these great thoughts of adventures and new experiences and often discuss them amongst friends. We have brilliant ideas and take very accurate assessments of our lives and our personal truths. At what point do we turn those truths, conversations and thoughts into a reality? At what point do we DO? Notice I used the word “we”. I am just as guilty of this as anyone else. Let’s do better. Let’s walk RUN in the direction of self-fulfillment. Start with the smaller things and work your way up. Lastly, remember that when you are happy and in a good place, you will only encourage the same feeling in those around you. Go!



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