Intentional Kind of Day

Today, I woke up DETERMINED to make my day eventful. I wanted to be intentional.  I must say, between the heat outside today and the fatigue that followed, I had to do a lot of self-reminding. I reminded myself that today is a gift; one that many didn’t see and that I am not guaranteed to see tomorrow. I read a quote last night by Thich Nhat Hanh.

“No one has ever lived in the past or the future — only the now.”

Damn. Doesn’t that put things into perspective? We are constantly living in the past and planning for an unpromised future. Meanwhile, we are losing the now. That quote will probably have a lifelong impact on me and how I move in the future.

So can we talk about my day??? Yayyy!

My kids and I went for a bike ride around the neighborhood. Every since I purchased a bike of my own, they pretty much ask me every day to ride with them.  I look at it like this, I can kill two birds with one stone. I am giving them the quality time they desire ANNNNND  I am working towards my own personal fitness goals. Let’s talk about that seat tho… lol So, I will be purchasing a wider, more comfortable seat because um,… yeah. Baby got back and it wasn’t the most comfortable ride. All in all, it was a great activity with the kids. They were happy and I enjoyed myself as well.


After cooling off from the bike ride, the kids and I decided to paint. I purchased paint and canvases for us a couple days ago, but didn’t really have a date in mind. lol Well, they did. In fact that have been planning to do it every day since the day I purchased them. Welp, we set up all of our material on the floor and we did as artists do… WE MADE MAGIC! I think… lol. It was fun and a great way to spend quality time. This wasn’t my first time doing this with the kids. I actually have our previous work on display in my loft area. We now have more artwork to add to our collection.


Today’s takeaway. I am tired. Beat even. The sun was was quite draining and I still have some paint in the crevasses of my nails. However, I seized the day AND created life long memories with my children. Experiences which will not only contribute to an already close existing bond, but will also be carried out in their own parenting in the future. FAR FUTURE.  These are the moments that they will sit down as adults and recollect. Last, but certainly not least, I burned off some SERIOUS calories today!  : ) Today was a good day.




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