Be Great!

Let’s just jump right in it. STOP waiting around for someone to give you permission to live in YOUR potential. Just stop! DO NOT sit there watching the clock as if some magical alarm is going to go off alerting you that it is time for you to be great. Quit clinging to other people’s level of readiness for greatness and making it your own. They may not decide that they are ready for years to come. So… you’re just going to sit around twiddling your toes waiting on them to catch up? No, you’re not. YOU WERE BORN READY! It may just take you standing in your own magic to encourage others to stand in theirs. Stop waiting to be cheered upon in order to make your appearance, because more often than not, it won’t happen. You’ll catch tomatoes first. You will find yourself old and withered first. Sadly, people don’t always want you to be great. When they see the greatness in you, they often times feel slighted in their own potential. How silly is that? Yeah I know, but its true.

YOUR great is yours only. No one can take it away from you. Not even you. It’s there whether you choose to release it or hold it in captivity. You can let it die with you or you can let it take center stage with you. That decision it solely up to you. You don’t need others to believe in you in order for you to believe in yourself. You don’t need pre or post approval to awaken that sleeping lion/lioness inside of you. Let that bitch roar!

Oh, Good morning by the way!

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