Truth First. Then Freedom.

“The truth shall set you free!” I’m sure you have heard this before. Surely, if you are of Christian belief, you’ve heard it quite often. Turn the pages of your bible to John 8:32 please! : ) Though I am not a religious person today, I grew up in a VERY religious family and I’ve heard more than my share of this very line. No matter the source of origin or your own personal beliefs, you can not remove the validity of the statement. Equally accurate is, “The truth hurts.” The truth isn’t alway pretty. Sometimes the truth hurts just as bad as a lie, but if freedom is on the other side of hurt, I think the temporary pain of the truth is worth it.

Ebony's mirror

Sometimes, you have to look at yourself in a mirror and… just be honest. As we move on up in age and having gone through a few things, done a few things, our truth won’t always be so easy to admit.  It takes courage. Even in speaking to the man in the mirror. No matter the level of difficulty, through our own self-admission, we not only liberate ourselves, but we pave the way to healing and growth. There is a beauty in it.  We put up airs all the time for other people and we are not always willing to be “naked” in our truth. We know too well that bearing our truth with others puts us in a place of vulnerability that may not feel so comfortable. This is why choosing your circle is so important. (Another topic, another day.) Anyway, back on task…

The safest place to bear your unvarnished self is with…


I think it’s important that we are constantly taking inventory of ourselves. The good, bad and the ugly. Bare it all. No use in lying to yourself. For what? We can’t be all good. None of us are shitting out roses. When we know the bad, we know where we need to put work in. When we know the good, well,.. the bad doesn’t feel so bad. lol Balance? Both truths tell us a lot about how far we have come or how far we have to go. We now have direction and most of all, we have truth. Our truth. Because we are constantly evolving, our truth WILL change. Who we were last year, won’t be the same person we are today. The things that we were okay with doing yesterday or allowing others to do to us yesterday may not be an option today.

As I find the courage to continue bearing my own truths in life, I encourage anyone reading this to do the same. I applaud all those who have found the audacity to embark on a journey to freedom through their truth.

Go ahead! Pick up that mirror…





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