Big Girl Problems

So… I am BACK on my diet shit! lol Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. Same ole shit just a different date. Believe me, I wish weight was not an issue of mine. I wish I could be like my older sister who has 6 kids and still wears a size 2/4 but umm… that’s not my life! lol I wasn’t given that set of genes. As much as I complain about it, I know that it could be far worse so in the words of Ms. Betty Wright, “I’m just gonna take what I got and work with it!” Even it means forcing myself to eat the food that I know is better for me when I would much rather be consuming the other stuff. I mean we are talking chicken breast and broccoli vs. a quesadilla burger from Applebees. Or how about salmon and asparagus vs macaroni & cheese, collard greens, smothered turkey wings, butter beans and rice??? lol Too much?

So here is the thing. Outside of these thick ass genes I was blessed with, I LOVE FOOD. lol Just realizing that I probably over use “lol” but I really am at least smiling when I type it.  Anywho! So yeah, I just love food! Especially Soul food and Italian food. That’s a lot of bread, pasta, oil and potatoes! Awwwww mannnn! I love sweets. Mainly, chocolate. In addition to all of that, I am a stress eater. If I am anxious about something or just have a lot on my mind, I WILL EAT. Let’s not forget that there is as week of every month when there is an internal force way stronger than me that forces me to eat all kinds of things. Whaaat???

Okay, now that confessional  is over, I want to share what just happened to me. I grabbed one of my self-prepped meals which was chicken breast and broccoli. Grrr…. broccoli and chicken breast

Though I do love chicken breast and broccoli, I wasn’t very happy about having to eat it today. I decided that I would add a little cheese on the “little trees” to make me feel a little bit better about my little lunch and it did. I was actually looking forward to eating my meal. I decide to to sit my container down and play around with my kids this happens…

spilled food

Ya’ll I wanted to cry! Have you ever spilled your food and wanted to cry??? Can’t just be me! lol I think… My kids were scared because they thought they were in trouble, but of course I had to take that one. Luckily, in addition to my MANY OTHER TALENTS (SHE does a bit of everything!) I am a CHEF! lol  #shecooks So, I just whipped up a little something that was equally healthy but didn’t make me want to add cheese in order to eat it! VIOLA!




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  1. onbecomingmaria says:

    wow 😮 yes, i would have wanted to cry if my food hit the floor, i know how that feels. but your second meal looks even more yummy! skillz!

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  2. marie g says:

    Yes! I know exactly how you feel about that food wasting! How about when the kids eat the last thing that they KNOW you specifically stated was to be saved for you. Lol 😂

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