Expired Cologne & Breath

I am writing this post from the backseat of an Uber. Let me apologize beforehand for any typos. During a typical Uber ride, I’m pretty chatty. I’m inquiring about the driver’s experiences as an Uber driver and we pretty much go from there. Yeah well, not this trip. I am… mute. A few things…

  1. I requested to be picked up in front of the Avis car rental area. He came to the front lobby. Cool! No biggie. I messaged him (as I could see his location) and informed him of my location. Crickets. He doesn’t write back and I notice (from the tracking on the app) that he isn’t moving, so (again) no biggie! I walk to the lobby entrance.
  2. When I open his door I was IMMEDIATELY hit with what smells like loud, expired cologne. Ugh…
  3. I take my seat and on top of last night’s cologne, I smell breath. Lol. As I type I am taking very shallow breaths trying not to inhale too much of it all. I am definitely not speaking, because I don’t want any of that to get into my mouth! Lol awwww mannn! Ugh.
  4. It hits me that this is a VERY familiar smell. The breath and the… old spice? Lol

I will wrap this up as I want to press publish before I reach my destination which is rapidly approaching. Our senses have a way of reconnecting us to some of our best memories. They also bring us back to places we never would want to revisit in neither body nor mind. This smell took me back over 15 years sitting inside of the car of a man who eventually tried to rape me. I found myself angry for a moment. Disgusted and frankly wanted to call another Uber. I had to get myself together, because the events of my past should not have so much control over me today that they could change my entire mood. I was almost upset with the damn driver who did absolutely NOTHING to me. Well, he could let these damn windows down and let some air circulate, but um yeah… Anyway, here is my take away.

It is most important that we take back the control we’ve allowed past experiences to rob us of. Our past should not be able to creep back into our lives as it pleases and interupt our good day. Sure, much easier said than done. Writing this entry is actually assisting me with my mood change… as well as keeping me distracted from this awful smell. And violá! Just like that… I have a new association for this smell!


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