Very Light Rant…

“I’m woke.” It sounds good, but are you really? Are you “woke” or does it just sound good in a Facebook post? Look good on a shirt? Listen, I love, love LOVE my black people. I love us and I take great pride in the skin that I am in. I am black and truly proud. Does this mean that I dislike white people or people of any other race? No, not at all. It means just what I said it meant. I am black and I am proud of this skin that I am in, but we HAVE to do better.

So… it’s “Madden season.” How many of “us” ran out to support an organization that does not support us? Nope! Don’t hide your hands now. As a matter of fact, raise the hand that you swiped your card with or the hand that you handed the salesperson the cash with. Do you know that every time you make a Madden purchase you are ALSO supporting the NFL? I just thought I would throw that out there for anyone under the impression that John Madden is the only person gaining from a Madden purchase. Ignorance is bliss.

I won’t go into to too many details as there really is no need. However, I will touch on a few thoughts circulating my mind.

  1. The best… MOST effective way to promote change, is to hit people where is hurts, so now we are talking pockets. If we want our constitutional rights to be honored, why do we STILL support an organization that refuses to do so? Are we not now a part of the problem?
  2. The love of fantasy leagues, Madden, jerseys and other NFL related things seem to have taken precedence over the most pressing matter at hand. We are supporting a league that does not honor and respect our rights as American citizens. I keep thinking about Donald Glover’s video for “This is America.” We are so distracted by the forefront (in this case being the love of the game) that we are losing everything that is taking place in the background. The NFL continues of rob us of our basic freedoms of speech and protest while we are paying them to remain powerful enough to do so without charge.
  3. other races support one another in ways that African Americans have just not mastered. Sadly, we do not stick together until it is convenient. We do not actively involve ourselves until we are personally affected. We get fired up about the issues affecting our community when the cameras are on. That is the sad truth.

I will stop here as this was just a random thought that I wanted to share without getting too deep. I will leave you with this. Being “woke” for the sake of a good conversation is not enough. Being “woke” for social media likes is not enough. As a matter of fact, stop saying you are woke. It is a highly overrated, over USED and misused phrase. Just BE. Let your actions speak louder than words.

Okay. Rant over. = )

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