After several flight delays, my daughter, niece and myself FINALLY made it to Cincinnati at 12:13 a.m. THIS MORNING. I have now made it safely back home in less than 24 hours. Talk about a turn and burn! Wait. Is it “turn and burn” orrrr “burn and turn?” lol Whatever. I went there and came right back. How’s that?! I showered and am now in bed sharing my experience with you!

Our hotel was actually in Florence, Kentucky which is RIGHT across the water (The Ohio River) from Cincinnati. We Ubered from the airport and to the hotel where we met my best-friend and her 8 month old identical twin daughters. The twins were asleep when we arrived but, that didn’t last long and as you learn to do with twins, I had a baby for the night and my best-friend had the other. Meanwhile, the two big girls were fast asleep. As for us, sleep was hit and miss and at about 9:30 this morning my face was being slapped by “my baby!” Since we pretty much were on their schedule, that was our official alarm!


First stop… TARGET! I literally find a Target everywhere I travel. They all have different things and I just love Target! Growling stomachs cut our trip with the bullseye dog short. The goal was to find a restaurant serving brunch with mimosas. We found one which we were pretty excited about but, once we arrived, we realized that it probably wasn’t the most kid friendly place to be so, we walked in a different direction in search for another option. We decided on a restaurant called The Eagle for lunch which was referred to us by a police officer in passing. Great choice! The service was exceptional and the food was really good. If you ever go there, you HAVE to try their brown sugar bacon. Oh! Oh! Oh… you also have to try their Kale and sausage dip! Listen… They both made my soul happy! lol

There was a market going on called Second Sunday on Main which we passed in route to the restaurant. After feeding our faces, we stopped back through. And no, it wasn’t because I saw a food truck that said “Deep-Fried Oreo cookies” or that my daughter saw “Funnel cakes” on that same truck. Of course not! lol The deep-fried oreos and funnel cake were pretty tasty though! Oh back to the market! It’s a neighborhood festival that features various venders and even live music every 2nd Sunday of the month. The festival is held in an area full of shops, restaurants, galleries and bars. It had a really great feel to it. It was very cultural which I’m so in to. A lot of diversity in the crowd. I thought the the overall vibe was pretty dope and homely. It was very reminiscent of times I’ve spent in both Philly and New York. I dug it. Oh yeah and it wouldn’t be in typical Ebony form if I didn’t make friends with random strangers! This time I actually shared one of my fried oreo cookies with one! Awwwww mannnn! Gotta love me!

Welp! Time waits for no one! It was time to make our way back to the truck. I got an email alerting me that my returning flight had been delayed by 40 minutes, so we killed time doing a little more shopping and then it was time to go. Hey, did you know that the Isley Brothers were from Cincinnati? Neither did I! And guess what played AS SOON as I got in my truck at the airport? THIS DID! The irony!

I just looked at the time and it is now 12:02 am August 13, 2018. I started writing this at 11 p.m. August 12th and I am still in the 24 hour window of my trip!

Cincinnati I will be back!


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