Queen of Soul

I grew up listening to Ms. Aretha Franklin. I woke up to her early Saturday mornings with instructions on what had better get cleaned that day.  We played hide and go seek in the back of the house as her vinyl spun on the turntable in the living room. Cards hitting the table and loud trash talking exchanges between “the grown folks” could not muffle her sound. Her voice. So soulful. So powerful and strong. That’s not something you can learn. It can’t be taught. That voice came straight from God. If I had to name a handful of artists who played a part in my love of music, she would be one.

In light of recently released news of her health condition, I thought it would be fitting to make a playlist with just Aretha. As we extend our deepest prayers her way, we can be reminded of why she was crowned the Queen of Soul. Here are some of my favorite Aretha songs.


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