Gifted moments.

Hi all!! It’s been a little while since my last post. From getting re-adjusted to school being back in session to trying to recover from a pretty stubborn cold, I guess you can say I’ve been pretty unavailable. Currently, I am sitting in a hospital room with my aunt who was admitted about a week or so ago due to blood pressure related issues. As I sit here with her, a few things are going through my mind. One of those thoughts being my appreciation for this woman and all that she has been to me. I am thinking of all that my aunt has battled in her life including two brain surgeries to repair aneurysms, seizures, diabetes and more. She has had to learn to walk, talk and write all over again more than once. Her tenacity inspires me.

I’m thinking about how precious life is and how much we DO NOT have control over. No one wakes up in the morning anticipating that they will end up in a hospital bed receiving food from a feeding tube. No one says to themselves, “Today I will be in a car accident and my life will change forever” Life. Just. Happens. Sure, there are some things that are preventable, but there is so much more that is outside of our ability to control. So, while I do not think we should go about our lives in fear of all the possible things that COULD go wrong in our lives, I do think that realizing the uncertainty of our next moment, should serve as motivation to treasure each second that we are blessed with. It should be a reminder that every day moment is truly a gift and we should make the most of each gift (moment) that we are given. Just as we consider the fragility of our own lives, it should also be etched in our minds and hearts that the same holds true for everyone around us. With that being said, treasure the people who mean the most to you and don’t take them for granted. Show them how much you treasure and appreciate them in your life.

Live. Love. Laugh. Oh and dance like no one is watching.


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  1. K.M says:

    All very true!! Thanks for reminding us to be grateful and to cherish every day/moment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not a problem. As I remind my readers, I am also reminding myself!


      1. Venteria Knight says:

        Beautifully said!


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