Forever Inspired. (Dear Kyrzayda. Dear Readers.)


Dear Kyrzayda,

Such a beautiful soul. I was first introduced to you as someone with an impeccable  sense of style. Though my love and appreciation of fashion is what led me to you, I received an even greater gift from being one of your many followers. It was deeper than the pieces you so effortlessly paired together showcasing a style I became to covet. Beneath the ensembles, bravely stood a woman fighting for her life. Not only were you fighting for your life, but you CHOSE to do so in front of the world. I recently read something advising people to be careful of setting standards based off of social media posts as most people will only post the good stuff. You know, the glamorous, fun and exciting details of their lives. Kyrzayda, you courageously shared it all with your followers.  From the day you were admitted into the hospital with fluid in your lungs & stomach (less than a year ago), to your first day of chemo and all the way to hospice care, you shared your journey with myself and the rest of the world.  While fighting the hardest fight of your life, you still managed to wake up, get dressed and take beautiful photos unveiling new looks despite the pain and discomfort you had to have been experiencing.  You still managed to inspire. You. pushed. through. It would have been easy for you to take a break from posting while you fought your fight, but you didn’t. When you lost your hair and weight, you STILL SHOWED UP.  At some point, I believe that your showing up had less to do with your enjoyment and more to do with your commitment to your audience that you knew looked forward to your posts. You became a new standard for me. “If Kyrzayda can do it, so can I.” I watched your last live video and though it pained me to see the tears fall from your eyes and the obvious fatigue, my admiration for you grew so much more in that moment. You were such a beautiful, brave and strong soul. You inspired so many while living and as you get acquainted with your beautiful new set of wings,  know that you will continue to inspire. Thank you. Thank you so much. 

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Dear Readers,

Inspiration can be found in everything around us. People, things, random occurrences and even in pain. I am just one of the many people who were touched by Kyrzayda. It’s easy to allow life to rob us of our smiles and our will to pursue the things that set our hearts afire. It is important that we find our inspiration and allow it to fuel our steps in the directions we were born to go into.  It is also equally important that as we seek our own inspiration, we also seek to inspire. I have been blogging since April and during this time, I have received a handful of encouraging messages from readers who have shared their appreciation for my posts and have even included that they felt inspired by me. Yes, me. Regular ole Ebony. So very humbling and INSPIRING. In Kyrzayda’s last live with tears falling from her eyes, she urged her followers to, “Do whatever it is that you want to do. Do it now.” I want to echo these words of hers and I implore you to do the same. Do it now! Whatever it is. Our days are numbered and uncertain.

Live. Love. Laugh. Dance like no one is watching. Now! Go!






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  1. Tasha says:

    Beautiful post! You make me want to start my own blog…Kyrzayda said to “do it now” I need to take her words and run! Be Blessed Beautiful One!!!


    1. Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate it and you are most definitely right! There is nothing to it, but to do it! We put things off as if time is promised to us. It isn’t. Start your blog or whatever it is that you want to do. “Do it now!” Enjoy your day! 😘


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