So I woke up this morning with a lot on my mind. This isn’t unusual because, I am an overthinker. It’s kind of what I do. I call it a gift and a curse. It has it’s benefits, but it also has it’s cons. Any who, without going into too many details about my entire thought process, I will share the heart of it.

Years ago, my best-friend’s best-friend (I’ll give you a minute… lol) was going through some heavy things in her life. She was dealing with a man that… hm. Let’s just say he didn’t recognize her worth and he wasn’t the man for her. As she dealt with a broken and betrayed heart, I recall being lead to deliver the following words to her, “After every storm, is a rainbow.” I remember it like it was yesterday. Just as I remember the incident, I also remember how those words helped her get through. Oh, and for the record, she let that guy go and she is currently HAPPILY married to an amazing man with a daughter and a new child one the way.

You see, she had to go through hardship in order to get her happy. The hardship was just a detour in the route that lead her to her destination.  It was not a dead end. Ha! That was pretty nice huh? DEEEEPPPP! (Are ya’ll snapping your fingers? Lighting candles? Awwww mannn! Okay, back to the subject at hand. lol) I have been struggling with different things in my life over the past few months. Everything from relationships, motherhood, career decisions, financial decisions, leaps of faith, body weight, healing from past hurts, learning self and just submitting to the natural flow of where EBONY is supposed to go. It’s such a beautiful process and journey, but the truth is, it doesn’t come without pain and difficulty. When you come to a place where you can be honest with yourself, you realize that the saying, “The truth hurts.” is just as applicable to you, as it is to everyone that you have ever said it to.

As I was driving home from a store run this evening, it began to rain. It started to pour actually and moments later, my kids pointed out something to me that reminded me of the very advice that I gave to my best-friend’s best-friend (I hope by now it’s processed! lol) that day. It was so beautiful that I actually pulled my truck over to take a photo. Here it is:



Say no more right?

This was the revelation that I needed for the day and I am thankful for it. I hope that this post in some way will also bring clarification to whoever is reading this that may need it. Life. It’s unpredictable and things happen. They aren’t always good, but just KNOW THIS, if you make it through the bad, there is something better on the other side. There is a rainbow. (Skittles…taste the rainbow. lol Sorry couldn’t help myself!!!)

Whatever it is that you may be going through. What ever your CURRENT struggles are, know that, that’s all it is. It’s for NOW. The present has no control over the future.




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