I don’t like water. I don’t. Okay, there are a few exceptions like when I have been outside in the heat and then it’s all I want. When I have worked out, “WATER PLEASE!” Let me not forget about the morning after taking a few drinks back. Yeah… Exceptions complete. Despite my disliking of water, I do understand how vital it is in our lives and that not drinking it is not an option. I’m sure you also know all of this so, I will spare you the repetitive details. This post is ONLY to make note of my accomplishment of the day!


I started out around noon today on a mission to finish this “as close as I am going to get to a gallon of water” container. I added mint, lemon and lime. This helps me greatly in getting this water down. Well I am happy to say that I emptied this bottle by 5:30 this evening! Yasssss!!!! She did that! lol Last week, it took me about 2 days on my first attempt and on my 2nd… well, let’s just say that today when I grabbed this bottle from my office it was still half way full. Awwww mannn!!! Did I mention at all in this entry that I DO NOT LIKE WATER?


In effort to get all of this extra BODY off of me, maintain hydrated hair, skin and most importantly, protect my vitals…



Welp, now that I have shared this with you, I need to excuse myself. I gotta pee!



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