Vote… We Owe It To Them.

screenshot_20181029-205135_instagram2497486300075812042.jpgMaybe it was the news that I listened to while taking my kids to school this morning. It could be internalized feelings from my lunch experience last week. Shit, maybe it’s just the reality of the world we live in, but I felt a lot of anxiety as I prepared to walk into my appointed location to vote early today.

“What if someone walks into this building and decide that they want to shoot? What if I don’t make it out of this building alive?”

I came very close to putting it off.  “I will just do it tomorrow.” Well “tomorrow” wasn’t any more safer than today and even more true, tomorrow isn’t promised.

“You know what? I woke up this morning with intentions of voting. I walked out of my house to vote. I’m here. I have to vote. I will vote.”

Our ancestors endured a lot of shit.  I mean, they went through HELL fighting for equality. Fighting for a change that would not only benefit them their shirt lifetime, but would trickle down to the generations to come. It would trickle down to ME, MY children as well as YOU and YOURS. Think about all those who marched, were jailed and even lost their lives… FOR ME… FOR US to be able to have a freedom such as voting.  How could I NOT honor them? Not walking into that building out of fear of what COULD happen when they marched IN SPITE of KNOWING what WOULD happen, would be nothing short of disrespect. I chose to honor their legacy. I marched right on in that building as if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lead the path. Well, he actually did.

In closing, if you are able to vote during early election, go ahead and do it! Get it out of the way! Something may happen or come up that won’t allow you to do it when you intend on doing it. Remember, we owe it to THEM. Those that came before us and those after us. Lastly, fear and anxiety are understandable emotional responses to the horrendous acts of hate that surround us, but let’s not allow that fear to paralyse us. Where there is no movement, there is no change.



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