Spread Love

“If you’re a spiritual person, you ain’t missing this. You just got to see how it all comes together. You have no idea who God made you to be, but you have to hang in there to find out You can’t give up. It is at your darkest moments that he shows up. God shows up.”

-Steve Harvey

Ah man. This, this is beautiful. In wake of all the recent tragedies, this is the rainbow after the storm. It is important that as we experience such hatred around us, that we don’t began to adopt the notion that we are absent of good people in this world. That we see all cops as bad cops. That we see all white people as racists. This video contradicts all of that! Being a military brat for all of my life and a military spouse for most of my adulthood, I’ve met good people of all races and it is because of this, that I refuse to allow the evil of the world change my view. I know it exists, but it has been my experience that there are more good than bad. The problem is, the bad, it really bad. The problem is, the news outlets get more views off of the bad than the good.

Spread love guys!

P.S. – This young man is destined for greatness.

P.S.S – Steve Harvey, you’re dope.

P.S.S.S (?…lol) – I needed those words that I opened this post with.

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