Protect Your Space


Would you stand by and allow an intruder to walk into your home and so boldly take your belongings? Take the things that you hold so dear to your heart? I’m going to take a gander at your answer and go with a, “no.” or more like a, “hell no!”

In considering the above question AND ANSWER, answer this. Why is it that we don’t take that same stance when it comes to protecting our space and the peace that resides in it? Just think about it. We purchase firearms. We take self-defense classes. We purchase home security. Hell, some of us hire personal security. We take such great depths to protect our physical and most prized possessions, but what lengths do we take to safeguard our peace? What measures do we have in place to defend the very harmony that we’ve worked so hard to build around us? Are these things not just as, if not more, important than the tangible in our lives?

Protect your space and your peace by all means necessary.  You have worked far too hard to become the person that you are today. You’d be a damn fool to let anyone or anything disturb or rob you of these things. Be mindful of the people and things you allow into your space. Know that not everyone is deserving or worthy enough to occupy your realm. Knowing this does not make you better than anyone. However, it does make you better for yourself. Better to yourself.


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