Hello 2019


It’s that time of year again! That time when we reflect on the events of the ending year and set goals for the upcoming year. We make these long lists and often times HORRIBLY FAIL! But guess what???!!! Not this year! No, this year is different. I feel it in my bones! lol We are going into this year more focused and determined. Most of all, KNOWING and BELIEVING that we are capable. In a year’s time we will celebrate a successful year of goal completion!! We will commemorate a year of achievement and great feats! I am speaking (typing) this into the life of whoever is reading this as well as my own!  Let’s get it!

Here are some of my New Year’s resolutions for 2019!

  • BE BETTER (.) – Did ya’ll catch that period? It’s pretty much that simple. I am on a never ending mission to be a better person than I was the previous day. I want to constantly learn from my mistakes and allow those lessons to lead me. I need to see growth in myself regularly, because otherwise I’m standing in place. And… simply put, “Baby, I’ve got places to go!”
  • BECOME A PUPIL! – I have always been so inquisitive and eager to learn new things, but at some point I stopped seeking study and instead just kind of let it come to me. There are so many different areas where I’d like to expand my knowledge. I will be in active pursuit of these things. From reading to conventions to classes and more. I tell my kids every morning when I send them to school to, “BE GREAT!” and in turn they respond with, “I AM GREAT.” Welp, It’s time that I be the same great that I’ve taught them to be.
  • LISTEN MORE, TALK LESS – Sadly, I’ve been listening to respond for a long time now. I realize how important listening to understand is. Being in a rush to speak your piece leaves no room for comprehension. I am a passionate person and sometimes (many times) I’ve been so eager to express my own thoughts that I have robbed someone of their opportunity to do do. Hell and sometimes jumping the gun has had me going left field  and looking crazy as hell in the end! lol #humbleconfessions
  • GET IT RIGHT, GET IT TIGHT! – I suppose that everyone will have this one on their list as it seems to be on everyone’s list… EVERY YEAR! lol This year I’m saying “no” to any quick fixes as I’ve done enough to realize that they only provide short term results.  There have been a few times when I’ve REALLY put the work in without the help of any magic potions and ya girl was looking real slim thick! Then of course, I allowed myself to get comfortable and you know the rest of that story! As soon as I am cleared by my doctor in a few weeks to resume regular activities, I will be on a mission! For real this time… #SLIMTHICKGOALS
  • READ – I have a small “library” and I haven’t even opened the first page to some of these books. I buy books and pretty much shelf them. I love to read! I just have to learn to eliminate the many distractions in my life and MAKE time to read. Last year I took a train ride from Orlando to Jacksonville with my kids and during that time, I was able to read more during that ride than I had this entire year. I’m thinking that I may need to book more train rides. Hey, whatever works, right?!
  • BUY BLACK – I will be putting my money into more black owned businesses this year and moving forward. I think it’s important that we support the parts of our community that are trying to be great. If we only supported one another in the same ways that we support these larger companies, we’d be doing alright. I will also be sure to sharing these vendors on my blog and social media.
  • VOLUNTEER – I think one of the greatest gifts that you can give a person is your time and this coming year I really would like to spend time at women and children shelters, nursing homes and hospitals. I would like to also involve my children in this as this would be very valuable to them as well.
  • SHOOT! – I can count on one hand ho many times I actually took my camera out to shoot this past year. Photography is one of my favorite hobbies and as much money as I spent on my camera plus equipment, there is no reason that it should be collecting dust.
  • AT LEAST 3 STAMPS – It’s no secret that I love to travel. I did a pretty decent share this year, but not as much as I would have liked. A lot of it was waiting around for other people to accompany me. I’m travel savvy enough to travel by myself domestically, but I won’t go out of the country alone. I do have some trips planned for 2019 already and I am hoping to plan more throughout the year. At a bare minimum, I need 3 stamps on my passport this year!
  • WEAR THAT SHIT! – I have a closet full of clothes and shoes that I hardly ever wear. About 40% of the stuff in my closet, still have tags on them because I’ve never worn. I’m always waiting on the a reason to wear them. Um HELLOOO!!! Is the fact that I LOVE to dress not reason enough? I remember when I was in my early twenties and people would ask me why I would get all cute just to go to the store. I’d always respond with, “You never know who you’ll run into!” My have times changed!!! Well, I’m getting back to that girl. In the words of Jidenna, “I won’t my best dressed day in a casket!”  No more waiting for an event to be cute! I may not even make it to the events I’m waiting for!
  • FILL THAT PLANNER/ CALENDAR –  Talking about goals is one thing. Writing them down so that you have constant reminders as well as a means of accountability is another. I bought a pretty cool planner that will help me hold myself accountable. I talk a lot about living with intent. Well, that requires planning and doing. And um… I PLAN on filling my planner up this year! So much so, that before I accept any invites, I’ll need to take look at my calendar first! Yassss! lol Silly me!


In 2019, I will be following the truths of my heart and soul even if it means breaking the heart of others. At first read, this may sound selfish and perhaps even mean, but for as long as I can remember, I have always placed the needs, wants and opinions of others to order my steps. Shit, I’ve been mean to myself by ignoring my own needs and desires. I have also allowed myself to be guided by fear, but how many of you know that fear takes you nowhere? Fear keeps you in place. Yeah.. so not anymore.  I will make this year my own and the people who love me and support me will continue to do so.

That is all!

So now that I have shared my resolutions with you, tell me some of the changes you’d like to make in 2019!


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