A different kind of morning


This morning I woke up to the very familiar sound of pounding and digging. There is new construction going on behind my house. This is quite a different sound than what I’d been blessed to wake up to during my days spent in Swansea, Wales. Each morning my ears were greeted by the harmonic sound of racing waves making their way to the shore. What a beautiful sound! Even the loud squawking of the seagulls (which sounded more like a bunch of cackling old ladies) was music to my ears. I found myself sitting in those not-so quiet moments finding thoughts of gratitude. Once I’d finally made my way out of the bed, I’d then make my way to the window to attach the visual to the sound. It was almost as if I needed to check and make sure it was still there. It, being the breathtaking view of everything I’d heard that morning and seen the day before. Today the view is gone, but the gratitude remains.

This was the first trip that Lynn and I had taken together. I mean, we’ve met in different locations such as New York and California, but we’d never actually flown together, so this was a special trip for us. It was filled with a lot of  (what people who know the both of us) would describe as “Lynn and Ebony moments.” From us taking the wrong skytrain to our gate at the Orlando airport (which we are both SO familiar with) to us (yet again back in Orlando) endlessly searching for baggage claim at the wrong terminal. Yeah… it was quite THE adventure! One that I will forever cherish and its memory will bring me random giggles for years to come.  Sabrina, you are beyond awesome and though you were my “wifey” before anything else, I am happy to call you my friend AND wifey moving forward.  More uncomfortable gushy stuff later! I love and appreciate the both of you!

I have so many memories that I would like to and WILL share, but too many to include into one blog entry, so I will be spreading these experiences through a series of blog entries.  Some of my followers witnessed bits and pieces of my trip as I posted a few photos and videos on my instagram and facebook story while there. I will be reposting many of those and including context as well. For now, I am headed to fix myself some morning tea! Have a beautiful day!!! So much more to come!!!





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  1. Venteria Knight says:

    Love you! We’ll written! Love you again!

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