One of the biggest gifts received from my vacation was the gift of being completely in the moment without distraction. I didn’t have wifi for about 75% of my time in the UK.  Before traveling I thought about subscribing to a short term international calling plan through my wireless carrier, but I’m so glad that I didn’t go that route. I would have robbed myself of much of the beauty I experienced during my stay in the UK.

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Being absent of social media, text messaging, emails, phone calls and all other distractions, which derive from having things such as continuous wifi and/or cellular service, wasn’t something I was super excited about. There was a slight bit of anxiety when I thought about my family and friends not being able to readily contact me when needed, but what could I really do with over 4,000 miles separating me from just about everyone close to me? Absolutely nothing, so I decided to let go of that need to be available for everyone at all times and instead I basked in every single moment of undisturbed time. When we were out for breakfast tea, lunch, dinner or a short commute on a bus where free wifi was available, I’d then take the time to reach out to people, send and respond to messages, post photos or just surf. I found more excitement being away from my phone for these long periods of time and returning to an overload of notifications as soon as I connected to wifi! Small thrills!

img_5952In the absence of what’s typically a huge part of my days, I was able to be completely present in the moment. I was able to be FULLY engaged and therefore able to FULLY receive. A few years ago, my big sister gifted me with a book/journal which encouraged “unplugging.” This book has pretty much been decoration on my desk since I received it. Guessing why? Because I’ve actually been too plugged in to read it. Ha! The irony! Being “unplugged” from the rest of the world during my trip allowed me to plug into what I needed the most. Sisterhood. Myself. The beautiful cultures of the UK. I was able to fully submerge myself into the experience and as a result I was able to rise into a place of  inspiration, clarity, truth, understanding and peace.  I’ve decided that moving forward I will make “unplugging” part of my day to day. I’m confident that not only will I get more accomplished by doing this, I will also be able to love on myself and those dear to me much better.

My Takeaway

Distractions are not all bad. Healthy distractions have helped me to get through and heal. However, it is most important that we monitor the time that we give to any distraction. Too much of anything can be deadly. Relationships, careers and lives have been lost due to a power we’ve given to distractions. So, choose your distractions wisely and do so with limitations.






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  1. Venteria Knight says:

    Yes, yes and yes to all of this! I’m incorporating “unplugged” time as well. I really don’t think the trip would have been as enjoyable if we had the access that we normally do.

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  2. Bree says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!


    1. I AM EBONY says:

      So thankful for you!!! 💕 #wifey


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