img_6058I decided to pick a place on the map that I hadn’t visited and just go there for the weekend. I’d driven through North Carolina and had several layovers there, but I’d never really experienced the city. That is, until this past weekend. Let me just say that I am happy that I did and I will most definitely return… soon.

It was a short stay. I was supposed to meet my best-friend and cousin there on Friday, but at the last minute I had to change plans. I ended up having to cancel my original ticket completely.  I purchased an economy ticket that didn’t allow any changes do I had to rebook a new flight all together. Flights from MCO (Orlando) to CLT (Charlotte) are reasonably cheap (even last minute) so everything worked out perfectly. I arrived a day later  than planned, but with it being a 3 day weekend, I still had plenty of time for a proper introduction to the city. We ate good, we laughed, we danced, we drank, we explored the city and even cried a little. Just what the doctor ordered! It was a GREAT weekend. Much needed girl time!img_6059

We booked a spot in Uptown Charlotte which turned out to be the perfect location. Everything we needed was either in walkable distance or a short Uber ride away. I was so happy to see so many BEAUTIFUL brown people. I mean we were EVERYWHERE! This was probably the highlight of my trip. Just being amongst so many black kings and queens. Oh, and can I mention that there was this abundance of natural hair! There were locs, afro puffs, twist outs, kinky hair, curly hair and the list goes on. This made me happy. Something about seeing so many of us embracing our natural selves was just so beautiful. Everywhere we went I literally found myself in this state of euphoria as I marveled in the beauty of us. This was indeed the highlight of my trip. Oh… and there was also those skillet nachos I had! lol

I try to take something back from every trip I take. A soulful souvenir, you can call it. This trip was no different. Through the many bold and seemingly confident faces I passed along the way, I either saw myself or what I desire to be. I even saw things that I’ve lost along the way. No matter what it is was that I saw, I was given something to reach for or something to take back that I ALLOWED to be stolen from me.

Thank you Charlotte for showing me, me. See you again soon!

On that note, I need to rest these big ole eyes! I have a very intentional week ahead of me. Goodnight.







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