2019… LISTEN!

First off, can we talk about how fast this year went by? It feels like I was JUST sitting in this same spot typing Dear 2018Hello 2019! About a couple of weeks ago, a guy inside of Publix told me that as you get older, time seemingly moves much faster. I didn’t put much thought into those words until I just began typing this entry. As we get older, we have a better understanding of how precious time is. We gain a better appreciation for each passing moment. Ultimately, we realize that the older we get, the less time we have and in today’s climate, it seems like that timer is getting shorter and shorter. Thus creating the desire to make EVERY MOMENT COUNT! 2020 (and beyond) I’m coming for you!

2019 recap!

There were some lows, but way more highs and 2019 owes me nothing! I got a new passport! I traveled to 5 countries and visited 4 new domestic states. I got my Florida Real Estate license (Long Journey Short.) I made it to 3 years loc’d! (Huge feat for me.) I met some AMAZING people! I spent a day with a bunch of elephants! I got out of debt! Got right back in it! I cried (I kept it all in the shower and by appointment only tho!) All that matters is that I got it out! I came to grips with some shit. I accepted some difficult truths concerning both myself and others. I lost one of my favorite uncles a week before my birthday and if that wasn’t enough, he was buried on my birthday. I watched and celebrated people as they made some major accomplishments in their lives! I had dinner at a cafe right outside of the Eiffel tower! So beautiful! I pulled an all-nighter in Paris alongside my best friend and an older Frenchman as we discussed the current state of the world, history, people and life in general over several glasses of wine. I learned! I grew! I evolved! I lost some locs and reattached them! lol I got a new tattoo! I forgave some people including myself. I ate good as hell and… you can tell! BUT, when you’ve learned to love yourself just as unconditionally as you’ve loved others, none that of that matters! I’m dope as fuck at any size! #facts I celebrated my 36th birthday in London with one of my favorite cousins in a hole in the wall club! I removed my shoes and walked inside of Wat Phra Kaew (a temple in Thailand) and felt an overwhelming calm that I’ve never felt in my life. It literally brought me to tears. I went on a boat ride through the Amsterdam canals. I had a proper English breakfast and tea! I almost sliced my entire right thumb off trying to slice cucumbers without using a guard. 6 stitches, a lot of pain (and dramatics) and 4 months later and it’s just about 100% healed. I won’t make that mistake again! I held a lot of conversations and shared laughs with complete strangers as per my usual! I missed a few flights. I canceled a few plans. I was hurt by a few people. I was also able to find healing.  I made some people smile. I made some people laugh with tears in their eyes! Shit, I’m sure I made some people mad too! I read more! I wrote more! I lived more!

I can sit here and fill this page with events on top of events from this year, but I think you get point! It was a good year, but just like anything in life, there will be good and there will be not so good. Finding a balance between it all is what will keep you winning! Thriving! As we close out of 2019, I am looking forward to an even better 2020. I have plans for you!

To all my readers, old and new, thank you for reading! Thank you for your inspiring comments and emails! It truly means a lot! I write, first for me, because I find it healing. And second, if my entries can heal, inspire, positively feed and/or motivate anyone else it makes it that much better! That much more rewarding! So, thank you again! Truly.








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  1. kuturah williams says:

    Great post! Awesome recap of a wonderful year! Loved your transparency while still being “You”! Keep writing and exploring what life has to offer! ❤️


    1. I AM EBONY says:

      Thank you beautiful! Thanks for reading! 💕


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