Hail and Farewell

This post has been pretty difficult to start. This will be a fairly short one. I’ve typed, erased, typed, erased again and this is what made the cut. I guess I will start with the truth. 2020 was tough. Like really tough. I planned to do a lot last year that I wasn’t able to do, but so did Breonna. So did George, Ahmad, Tyree, Rayshard & Daniel. So did the countless others that never made headlines. I will leave that there for now.

Covid showed up and turned our lives around. A gift and a curse for some. Simply a curse for others.

As for me, I am accepting the bad knowing that I can’t change it and I choose to show gratitude for the good. I was blessed enough to make it through. Most of my family and loved ones, made it through. For that I am grateful. Still, it was tough. In short, I am happy to say, “Farewell 2020.”


I look forward to the growth I know that you have in store for me. I also understand that this may come with various levels of discomfort. I embrace the things that are neccesary in order for me to reach my highest self. I step into this new year with an open and forgiving heart. I welcome all of the beautiful changes in front of me. I submit to the greatness that is within me leaving no room for fear or self-doubt.

Hail 2021! We’ve got work to do.

Stay tuned for my 2020 reel! I started on it late, but I hope to have it finished within the week.

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  1. 2020 definitely kicked a lot of us in the chest BUT I am hopeful that through all the purging, all the pain, all the fallen promises we are PROPELLED to being more intentional about how we live, who we love, and where we land (feeling a bit poetic – or silly – today :-)). Here is to a more focused 2021!

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    1. I AM EBONY says:

      Yes! Yes! Yes! Cheers!!!


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