Change of Plans

So I’m thinking that my goal of reading 26 books this year may have been a bit ambitious. We are at the last day of the second month and I literally JUST opened the first page to my second book of the year last night! Reading a book from front cover to back every two weeks is definitely doable, but at this moment, I’m going to change my previous pledge to reading daily. Yeah I think that’s more fitting for me.

Of course, some books will take longer than others, but I’m hoping to finish at least 12 books this year. Still a major improvement from last year. Anywho, here is my next book selection…


I guess I should mention something about the last book? THE POWER OF NOW by Eckhart Tolle was not only eye opening, but MIND OPENING. Literally. The book teaches you to practice being an observer of your thoughts while introducing practices that help redirect your thoughts to THE NOW. It’s a constant reinforcement of how valuable THE NOW is and how critical it is to stay in it. This book encourages a very keen state of consciousness. He touches on the importance of this on so many different levels. Very enlightening. I’m grateful for the read!

Okay, now on to the next! lol As I mentioned, I just started this book last night and it’s been a real page turner. Fruitful as well. Stay tuned for a final review and the next selection! Peace! Love! Light!

Vibrate Higher Daily (Live Your Power) by Lalah Delia


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  1. I love the welcomed pivot or readjustment. My thoughts: do a little better than you did last year :-). If you read 5 books last year, even reading 7 – during a pandemic – is an achievement. Love you <3.

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    1. I AM EBONY says:

      You’re so absolutely right! No pressure. We have enough of that already! Thanks! 🥰


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