Life Is INDEED Short

We’ve all said it.

We’ve all heard it.

It seems that these three words have been on steady repeat my entire life but as of LATELY… its meaning has hit me in a way that it never has before. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older. Perhaps it’s because we are passing much younger and at a seemingly more rapid pace these days.

I got a call from my mom this morning. My mom RARELY ever calls me in the morning. If she does, I’m always on alert. I always answer, but I’m uneasy until I know I can relax. Today when she called she was crying. The last time that happened, I was short another uncle.

“God please don’t let this be about my brother.”

This was my first thought. This is actually ALWAYS my first thought. Thankfully it was not. However, it was still bad news. My mom’s best friend’s daughter, Meeka (who was my sister’s best friend) passed away today. This was family to me. For years we were next door neighbors, but we have been family my entire life. I am literally stunned by this news. Just yesterday she was posting RIP to Shock G and today you’re telling me I have to say it to her? God.

She was 42 years YOUNG.

One of the worst things I’ve ever heard was a mother weep for her child that’s left this world in the physical realm. I didn’t have to hear that this morning, but my mom did as her best-friend called her with the news. What I did have to hear is my momma crying. Ugh. I’ll never find any comfort in that.


It’s been years since I’ve seen you in person, but between updates from my your mom/my mom and our Facebook interactions we have remained “in the loop.” You ARE such a vibrant and carefree soul! You loved your three children and your beautiful Navy ( granddaughter). I’m thankful for all the memories we created on Moore Avenue! I’m smiling right now as I think of “THAT ONE TIME” at the bus stop! lol You and Kiki know that one best! Rest easy beautiful!

Rest Easy Meeka

Mrs Linda Faye, Mr. Derrick, Carl, Derricka and the entire McRath family, I am praying for your strength, understanding and comfort during this VERY difficult time. You’ve buried three brothers over the last month and now your child. I am so very sorry. I love you all.


Let go of the grudges! Forgive! Love hard! LIVE! I mean actually LIVE. Bask in every single moment and in every moment BE GRATEFUL.



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