We are midway through this 2021 year and for me, it’s been so… emotionally full.

You name it. I’ve felt it. Well…maybe not, but you get where I’m going. There have been A LOT of changes in my life. A lot of drastic changes. I won’t go through every single detail at this moment, because that’s not what this post is about. What I will say is, these changes have required (amongst so many other things) an enormous amount of strength, inspiration, patience, understanding, forgiveness, faith and most of all, introspection. I am healing from a lot of things and through my own healing, I have a message for you.

People..! Specifically women…

It is time that YOU start taking care of YOU. I don’t mean from a surface level. I mean the places that no one can see and feel but you. Innately, we are nurturers. We are healers, but sadly, most of the time it’s one-sided. We want to heal everyone around us. The men in our lives, our friends and if you’re like me, random strangers even! Women, we take on so much internally. We give so much of ourselves emotionally and physically and RARELY if ever, do we put that same attention and focus into ourselves.

WE. ARE. SLOWLY. KILLING. OURSELVES. Sounds a bit dramatic, but understand that everything is interconnected. After a pitcher of water has been poured into so many glasses, unless you pour back into that pitcher, it will eventually become empty. Most of us have heard this metaphoric expression before, but it’s so true and its such a simple illustration to aid in our understanding of what a constant outpour with no inpour looks like.

I mean sure, you are walking around breathing, smiling and highly functional.



…but if one could take a peek inside… beyond the physical, what would they see? That’s not a trick question. Really ask yourself that question and ponder it for as long as you need, but when you are done and have arrived at an answer, TAKE ACTION. Whatever that looks like for you. Give yourself the same love that you’ve given to so many other people. You’ve shown up for everyone! Everyone, BUT YOU. Please do not misinterpret this entry as me telling you that you should no longer be there for others. That’s not what this is. This is me telling you to recognize your need for healing just as you recognize that need in others. For some, this may mean just simply finding a balance. For others, it may mean limiting your availability for others as you focus more time on self-care/healing. It may even mean a period of solitude to remove the distractions so that you have the space to explore which areas need your attention the most. I can’t tell you what it is for you. You have to explore that for yourself.



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  1. Honoring ALL of you!

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    1. I AM EBONY says:

      My friend! Did you feel that hug I just sent you?!


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