I just sat down to write an entry and began looking through my drafts. You know the ones you start but for whatever reason, you don’t finish. This draft was dated August 3, 2021. Today I PUBLISH.

Today <— That would have been the title.

Today I cried.

Today I reflected.

Today I found gratitude.

Just a little while ago, I just showered. I oiled myself down and washed my face. As I looked into the mirror, I realized I was breaking out in hives all over my face. I literally watched the hives form. My face was itching.

My face is STILL itching.

I took a Benadryl. Never had an allergic reaction other than being bit by ants. As I went into a small panic, I began to think, “What next?”

Someone reached out to me recently and told me that I’d been quiet and they just wanted to make sure I was okay. I explained that I’d had a lot going on and that I’m just navigating at this point. As I now reflect on what that “a lot” truly meant, I’ve decided to release and share. Here.

On March 15th I suggested a divorce from a 13 year marriage.

At the end of May, I BRAVELY moved into a new home all by myself with the help of my three kids.

My kids spent a month away from me with their dad. That’s the longest time I’ve ever spent from them. My house was quiet. Really quiet. Too quiet.

A lot of my days were made so much brighter by random acts of kindness.

I started a garden. Okra, basil, tomatoes, collard greens & spinach. The okra, tomatoes and basil are the only ones that made it, but… I’m learning.

Kobe died. Yep. That was tough. I made a tribute video for him. Want to see it? Here it goes. https://photos.app.goo.gl/oHqpFfxQEBjS8bBp6

My house was empty for a month. Just me, my books, music, my thoughts, my journal, meditations and my plants. 

Someone completely surprised me and rented out an entire movie theater for me. Yep! That was… amazing.

I planned a few trips, postponed and cancelled few trips.

I slowly, surely and intentionally created a new and peaceful home for myself and my kids.

My kids returned home and I feel better. Oh how I missed them!

The draft stopped there. I will add a few more lines.

Nothing is happening TO me. It’s all happening FOR me.

Oh and update on my allergic reaction, 4 days later and I am still struggling to heal my face back to its “normal” state. Silver lining… It hasn’t gotten any worst. Still itches a bit.


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  1. Oh how I love you so! A HUGE kudos to you for sharing your life with us, for taking time to heal, for growing NEW things, for loving you, for allowing us to love you! AND THIS: “Nothing is happening TO me. It’s all happening FOR me.” 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 XO

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    1. I AM EBONY says:

      Why do you always bring out so much emotion in me? Whether we are in person, whether it’s a text, a card, post card or even your comments! Thank YOU Sabrina for your words that ALWAYS touch me. Xoxoxoxo!!!! Back at you! 🙏🏽


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