The List (Addendum)

I realized that I left out a VERY important piece from my last post! By the way, before you get too excited, this is NOT the Part 2 that I mentioned in the first part of THE LIST!

Sorry! lol

I just wanted to add that while it is important to understand what it is that you are looking for in your life partner, it is even more important that you work on YOU. A man/woman that checks off everything on your list can be standing right in front of you. Literally, staring you right in the eyes. He might even be holding up a well decorated welcome sign like the drivers at the airport… WITH A SMILE!

But baby let me tell you… if you are not in position to receive this person, that little list of yours means very little.

Keep in mind that the person on the other side of your list, has a list of their own. Make sure you are working on the woman/man YOU need to be so that when the time comes, you are in position to reap what you’ve sowed. That WHOLE person you seek, has the desire for a WHOLE person of their own.

Let that sit.

Do yourself a favor and show up ready. Heal what needs to be healed. Grow what needs to be grown. Release what needs to be released. Receive what needs to be received.

Make a list for yourself. Start checking those things off.



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