I was just sitting here thinking of the day after Thanksgiving for me last year versus the day after Thanksgiving for me today. So many changes. A year ago I was digging through my refrigerator around this time remaking plates of leftovers for the family. I was removing and replacing foil on dishes, and playing “puzzle” as I tried to fit everything back into the refrigerator. So much food. I had a family of 5 but have always cooked for at least 3 families… of 5. lol Which meant… we ate off that food ALL WEEK because we don’t waste food! At some point the ham turned into ham sandwiches, the turkey was pulled off the bone and with a little razzle dazzle, made into gravy over rice. I even made a soul food omelet one year from left overs! Talk about resourceful!!!

Well… this year looked nothing like that.This is the first year I spent Thanksgiving without my kids. Awww mannnn! Don’t cry for me, I enjoyed my time. I’m sure they aren’t complaining at all either. They likely didn’t have to worry about dishes this year! It’s also the first year since around 2009 that I have not cooked a feast! That’s right. No prepping, thawing, marinade injecting, timer setting, etc. As much as I actually enjoy that, it was a nice step away from it this year. I literally only had one thing that required cooking. The rest involved a pretty quick and simple prep and VIOLÀ!

Yep ONE thing! lol But guess what? I still found myself full. Full of gratitude. Full of peace and full of love. I am grateful for new understandings that have allowed me to grow in such a way that I was completely okay.

The kids were good and surrounded by people who love them and if they aren’t with me, that’s all I can pray for. I was also able to spend much needed time doing the things that I enjoy doing. I went to the beach, I watched the sunset, I walked, I watched 5 movies, I meditated, and I just enjoyed BEing. I slept good and ate good. Oh and I listened to the rain, but not because it was actually raining. lol I played thunderstorm sounds! Awww mannn!

Truth is, I didn’t really miss out on much other than the gathering of family that is, but that shouldn’t be reserved to only holidays and special occasions anyway. I no longer eat many of the foods that I used to eat, so I wasn’t even excited about the menu anymore. It’s been 15 weeks since I started my Vegan-ish journey. I have not had any poultry or meat during this entire time. [Well… other than that time I ate some rice that was cooked in chicken broth and that one order of shrimp and grits that I forgot had bacon in it!] Around my 8th week or so I started eating seafood sparingly, but I will be soon eliminating that completely as well.

So… I’m sure at this point you’re wondering what the heck it is that I actually ate! lol Welp, the wait is over!

Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potato

This was really good and though I didn’t make enough for leftovers, I can literally go in the kitchen and whip up another one really quick! For any inquiring minds, that is homemade VEGAN sour cream made by yours truly!

Any who, I had a moment, so I thought I’d share my thoughts. I hope this entry finds everyone in great spirits! Enjoy your evening! …or your day! lol Whenever you’re reading this, ENJOY! = )


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  1. Love you and am so happy you had a peaceful + rejuvenating Thanksgiving 🧡. Hope to see you soon.


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