Post Worthy

So a few questions just came up in a group chat between my cousins and I. I decided to make my answer a blog post.

My answer:

My dopest accomplishment was walking in my truth. In alignment with that truth. This required me to be brave. It required me to BELIEVE IN ME. I learned the art of patience and stillness. The importance of it. I learned the importance of setting intention and moving in that intention. I was pretty stagnant professionally, but that has set the tone for the upcoming year. I have work to do! I accidentally became 99.99999% vegan. I lost just under 50 lbs. I took myself off of high blood pressure pills. Yes, I’ve been monitoring my numbers. They are better than when I was on the pills! I feel better. WHOLE BODY. Definitely changed my mindset. One of my biggest lessons was learning to focus and live in the moment realizing that everything else is an illusion. The past is gone and the future isn’t promised. I try to consistently walk in gratitude reminding myself that there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. ALWAYS.

Okay! Don’t be shy! Share your dopest accomplishments this year!


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  1. I opened my heart to ❤️ But truly I think survival of 2021 is more than enough 😊.


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