I just sat down to write an entry and began looking through my drafts. You know the ones you start but for whatever reason, you don’t finish. This draft was dated August 3, 2021. Today I PUBLISH. Today <— That would have been the title. Today I cried. Today I reflected. Today I found gratitude….


I haven’t always been teachable. I’ve been prideful, stubborn and often times defensive. I have not always been a great listener. I AM becoming the woman God intended for me to be. That’s it. Just a little self reflection. Carry on! Lol

2019… LISTEN!

First off, can we talk about how fast this year went by? It feels like I was JUST sitting in this same spot typing Dear 2018 & Hello 2019! About a couple of weeks ago, a guy inside of Publix told me that as you get older, time seemingly moves much faster. I didn’t put much…

Baby Steps

So, it’s been a minute! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat in front of my MacBook and began drafting a post. At some point, I’d either become distracted and lose focus in one way or another or I simply found myself stuck in thought. No matter the cause, it always leads to…

Lunch & The Racist

Today I decided to wash my truck for the first time since I purchased it. There are restaurants a short walk away, so I decided to take the short walk and have lunch while I waited. Well, I walk into the the restaurant and place my order at the bar. As I walk towards the…