As I relax in a bubble filled bath, I also simultaneously check off a few of the boxes from my JOY LIST I’ve created for myself. What is a joy list you ask?? lol Don’t mind if I do!


I decided to make a list of things that I can do for myself that bring me joy. This is my “Joy List!” I started this list some time ago, but I’ve recently become more intentional about implementing the list. So here I am…

  • Taking a bubble bath,
  • Listening to music,
  • Writing (typing),
  • With lit candles illuminating the otherwise dark room.

That just so happens to be four checked items on my list, but it doesn’t end there. Prior to prepping my bath, I also made my bed up. Watch out now!!! That’s 5 things checked off! Check me out (No pun intended) over here loving on myself!

Wait… You thought I was finished? Nope!

Earlier today, I forced (yes forced) myself to go outside once I saw that the sun was shining so brightly outside of my bedroom doors. I think the low today was 37 degrees and the high was 56. I really just wanted to lay in my bed all day watching documentaries. However, I’m so happy that I decided to get some fresh air which also happens to be on my joy list! I wanted to lay in my hammock and enjoy the sun but it was a little damp so I decided to just stand facing it. That’s right. I just stood in the middle of my backyard and faced the sun. Little did I know, it was exactly what I needed in that moment. I needed to feel the warmth of the sun against my face. I needed to close my eyes for few a seconds and just enjoy it’s radiance allowing it to renew my heart… my mind… my spirit.

And I did just that.

Ummmm helloooooo! We are at 6 checks now!!!! Ayyyyeee!!!! Winning!



At this point, my toes are for surely wrinkly, but my hands have not had a chance to delight in this soothing bath, so I will bring this to a close but not before a closing word.

We so often seek gratification from sources outside of ourselves. The most important relationship we will ever have is the one with ourself. The same vigor we put into relationship building with others, we have to learn to pour into SELF. I encourage you to make a list of your own. What brings you joy? What brings a smile to your face? What lightens your mood? Most importantly, what ADDS to your peace? That “ADDS’ in the previous sentence was also very intentional, but that’s another topic for another day.

Listen. Make the list. Visit it often. Perhaps frame it! Pin it on a wall that you see everyday. Self-care… Self-love… Self-gratification… It’s essential. Go!

Time to get these fingers wrinkly! lol

Currently playing: SUMMER by THE CARTERS


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  1. LOVE this! Joy is my one word for the year so lots of thoughts on intentionally cultivating JOY-filled experiences. Love you!

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