This morning my meditation took me to a place of acceptance. More specifically, the significance and value of accepting every moment knowing that it is what it is.

That’s right. IT IS WHAT IS IS. Anyone dare to argue? Lol Once you’ve arrived at any given moment in your life… once you’re standing (or sitting) in it, there is NOTHING you can do to change it. It’s there already! Understanding this invariable truth really sets you up for the next moment. How prepared can you really be for what’s next when you aren’t acknowledging THE NOW… when you refuse to accept delivery of the THE NOW?

Truly receiving THE NOW requires acceptance. Otherwise, you’re slowing down your learning process. In some ways you’re actually robbing yourself of the fullness of that moment… and moments to come.

Every single moment is subconsciously preparing you for the next.

Allow yourself to become engrossed in every single moment accepting what IS. Not what you’d like it to be. Not what it “should’ve, could’ve or would’ve” been, but what IT IS.

I mean you might as well accept it because again, once THE NOW is here, well… it’s here.

Closing thought:

By accepting each moment as it is, you sharpen your compass, spearheading you to AND through moments to come.

May you find peace in acceptance.


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