Social Media “Friends”

So a couple of nights ago as I was scrolling down my Instagram timeline just before calling it a night, I realized that I hadn’t seen any recent posts from a “friend” of mine. Okay so I will explain. Social media has a way of building friendships that don’t exist outside of our devices. For instance this “friend” in particular is a guy that I built a “friendship” with via a Dherbs 20 day cleanse I did about four years ago. It started with the hashtag #dherbs I believe. From likes to words of encouragement via comments, we developed a social media friendship.

I later learned that my buddy was not only on a mission to better his diet and shed a few pounds as was I, but he was also the very first winner of Oprah’s Karaoke Challenge. He won $250,000! This man’s voice was like… LUTHER. Me being such a lover of old school rhythm and blues, it was great to hear a modern day swooner of his caliber. I played a couple of his songs around the house and my son fell in love with one in particular. I actually posted a video of him singing is once. I mean the man’s talent… When I mentioned Luther a few lines back, did you connect the Vandross to that?

Anyway, I decided to go to his page and see what I’d been missing. It isn’t abnormal for me to miss posts from people that I am following as I really only scroll down my timeline when I’m bored. Other than that, I just post and respond to comments or messages. I go to his page and see that his last post was in March. This struck me as odd because we are now headed into August and he would have normally posted something about a new project he was working on, his workouts, his mom, sister or son. Something led me to read the comments.


My heart dropped. What??! He’s gone? He died? How? This funny, talented, inspirational, down to earth, full of life man is gone? Listen, I have never met this man a day in my life. I have never had a real conversation with him, but I definitely felt like I had just lost a friend. I don’t know the details surround his passing and I won’t publicly speculate. He was 41 years old and his time ran out. His name was Abraham McDonald. He was a beautiful soul and from the comments following his last post, he had touched, he was loved and will be missed by many.

My takeaway:

I watched a documentary on Netflix a few months back titled, DECODING DEEPAC. In the documentary directed by Deepak Chopra’s son, Gotham Chopra, there is a line that has kind of stuck in my mind.

“…we’re all on death row. The only uncertainly is the method of execution and the length of reprieve.”  -Deepak Chopra

How well put. Death is the one certainty that we have in life. However, the when, where, and how part is to be determined. Abraham’s death was another reminder for me of this. It also placed more urgency on an already urgent desire to LIVE while I still have breath to do so. Here is a comment left by a friend of Abraham’s friend that really touched my me.



Additionally,  I am reminded of how easily we can (whether directly or indirectly) impact another person’s life. How we can touch strangers with just a smile or a simple greeting. So as we began LIVING, it is equally important to make sure that through our living, we are being kind to others. In life we are creating what will one day be our legacy. Make it great. Make it beautiful.

Rest in peace Abraham.

Your Instagram “friend,”



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