My grandmother left me with a lot. When I say a lot, I don’t mean “things”. Truth is, the only tangible items I’ve been blessed enough to have were passed to me from someone else. Like one of the gowns she wore, I still wear NO MATTER HOW MUCH MY COUSINS AND FRIENDS TALK ABOUT ME WEARING IT! Lol one of my favorite “things” that I have is an old bell alarm clock that sat at the top of her bed. I can’t count how many times it woke us up on Sunday mornings for church! Many years later and it’s not waking anyone up. In my grandmother’s words, “It’s seen better days.” That same clock sits just as gold and shiny (well maybe not lol) in my living room now.

While I didn’t get the tangibles, what I did get is far more valuable. I was left with beautiful memories. I have her childhood stories that sound much like parables. I have words of wisdom which echo within my heart and mind often. I’ve got vivid memories of a smile as bright and warm as the sun which shines on me as we speak lol. Thank you granny.

Yesterday while tending to my garden with the the kids, I had a moment where I felt like I was in the field in the back of my grandmother’s house. Literally everything around me transformed and there we were. Myself, Alexis and Granny! As I moved my hands around in my soil, I saw hers. As I spoke to the my kids, I heard her. It was easily one of the most nostalgic moments I’ve ever had. So many things that I’d forgotten came to me yesterday. Ah! So grateful! I remember the excitement we had taking care of them and watching everything GROW knowing that it all started from a seed. So beautiful! I still share that same excitement, but by far, my biggest enjoyment comes from the thrill in Trace & Carter’s eyes! The pride and excitement they have! Autumn… well we are working on her! Lol At my grandmother’s we grew peas, okra, collard greens, squash, tomatoes, peppers, green beans and much more. My favorite time was harvest time. We would pick, clean, snap, bag, freeze and/or jar. Some she would give away.

Right now as we speak I’m also thinking of her. I have my tea (she would have coffee and a banana) and I’m just sitting here enjoying this God’s beautiful creations. The birds “going to town” chirping. The squirrels are “up and at it.” The rustling trees are music to my ears. The locusts… or HUGE GRASSHOPPERS… whatever they are, have me on high alert. All of these lizards too! Lol. We didn’t have to worry about that on that porch in Alabama!

Funny. As I was describing the sounds I heard around me, I heard a passing ambulance. I guess my grandma wanted me to include this in my post as well. As we would sit on the porch EVERY MORNING just as I’m sitting on my back porch, sometimes we’d hear an ambulance. Eunice Marie PROTHRO could tell you the EXACT street… down to the closest intersection that the ambulance was on, just by listening. Lol well I’m not that good granny, but I assume it’s going down Colonial somewhere! Lol

I’ll close this out by sharing how grateful I am to have had such an amazing grandmother. How grateful I am to STILL have her close through my memories.

With that being said, hold on to the gifts that can’t be physically taken from you. Experiences. Memories. Love. Hold those things close to you. Treasure them. You never know when they may bless you again.

Enjoy your day beautiful people!


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