The List

If you would have asked me years ago what I wanted in a life partner, I would have said something completely superficial and surface level. We’ve all (at some point in our lives) composed a list of the attributes we’d want in our “dream man/woman.” Perhaps you wrote it down or maybe you just kept mental notes. I’m wondering. Has your list changed? Have you added to? Taken away? Scratched it all and started over completely? Maybe you’re just accepting whatever comes your way… lol I certainly hope not!

Experience has taught me the importance of knowing what you desire. Knowing allows you to make declarations which then puts you on the path of alignment. The path of manifestation. Your path. If you don’t know what you desire, at what point do you figure it out? Or do you? Is it through a series of failed relationships, hurt and disappointment that you are prompted to consider these things? Probably. lol Sorry if I stepped on anyones toes, but…


As I now seek to become more intentional in my life (EVERY AREA) I often think of what the man FOR ME looks like. I don’t mean in the physical sense. At this point that’s no longer at the top of my list. Sure, it has a level of importance but definitely not worthy of being top tier. Let’s be honest a man/woman can be fine as all outdoors and be so underserving of you, but a lot of us are walking around not knowing our own worth so, it would be difficult to know what it is that you are truly worthy of. But… that’s a WHOLE ‘NOTHA post!

Let me get back into this one.

I remember when Ciara spoke about a prayer she’d prayed and it manifested into Russell Wilson showing up in her life. NEWS FLASH!!! Ciara’s prayer will not work for you! Sis! That was for her! Work on yours! But first, what is it that you desire in a life partner? What’s most important to you? What are the requirements? Deal breakers? What are your relationship goals? Make sure you are also keeping in mind the person that you are becoming and how that looks for you as well. Also, know that, just as you are beautifully unfolding and evolving, so will your desires. Adjust your list accordingly.

If you think that I’ll be sharing my list within the lines of this post, you can stop reading now. lol I’m not. I’m simply encouraging you to create a list of your own. I am hoping to influence you to be more intentional in your own thinking and BEing. One day, I will have a Part 2 to this post and JUST MAYBE, I will include my list. But first,


If at that point (The publication of my part 2) any of you STILL haven’t proclaimed and manifested your own desires, you’ll then be asking me for MY PRAYER! Well, just like Ciara’s prayer, mine won’t work for you either! lol Get your own!


Not so fast! Make sure you check out the addendum to this here!


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