This morning upon checking my email, I realized that my timeline is filled with a bunch of… mess! Celebrity news & gossip, ratchet video footage, enhanced asses in Fashion Nova outfits, exposed boobs, grey sweat pants and more! I decided to go through the accounts that I am following and as I went down the list, I began to erase, or unfollow, a few of the ones that stood out to me as “mess.” I discontinued following about 40 or so accounts. Why?

The why is very simple. In fact, the results that came from those deletions, left me with a clarity that inspired this entry. You see, all of those accounts that I one day CHOSE to follow and just CHOSE to unfollow, served no real purpose for me. They didn’t inspire me or serve me in any way. They didn’t provoke positive thoughts and change nor move me in anyway. They really just filled my feed making it harder for me to get to the good stuff. I guess I can call them distractions. Guess what happened when once I ridded myself of some of these distractions? My timeline IMMEDIATELY changed for the better. The first post wasn’t about Nicki Minaj & Safaree. It wasn’t about bundles of hair or someone taking a photo of their food with a Gucci belt and Chanel bag sitting right beside it AS IF the latter two weren’t supposed to be the real focus. Nope, it was motivational quotes and videos. It was positive news and images of travel and beautiful families. It was current events that, though are not always positive or desirable to read, are real and in some way effect us. It was photos of beautiful locs, black entrepreneurship and positive policing. That was after only 40 accounts. I will delete more later.

Quick intermission. My food is getting cold. Awwww mann!

Okay I’m back!

Avocado, Egg White & Spinach (Panera Bread)
This sandwich from Panera Bread REALLY makes my soul happy!  You HAVE to try it! You will have to make it there before 10:30 though! It’s a breakfast item.

Now of course this post isn’t simply about Instagram and followed accounts. That is just the vehicle that brought me to my main point. That same process… that same way of thinking has to be applied to our every day lives. Just as we CHOOSE the accounts to we follow on Social Media, we also choose the people in our lives. We CHOOSE our circle. We CHOOSE the environments we place ourselves in. We CHOOSE the things, people and thoughts we entertain. Guess what’s on the other side of that? Yep! You guessed it! CHOOSING the things and people we DO NOT want in our lives. Just as we get to decide what we will accept in our lives, we also get to decide what is no longer accepted in our lives or welcomed in the first place. As we continue to grow into the people we were meant to be, these things WILL change. Your CHOICES WILL change. The content you found to be so entertaining yesterday, may make you cringe today. The conversations you took part in last year, you have no interest in this year. It’s called growth. At some point, those accounts I followed, entertained or interested me in some way. Today I changed my mind.

I will leave you with this. Take a REAL inventory of the people in your life. Take a REAL observation of everything in your life. All parts of your life. From things, to places, to people. What is it/they doing for you? Does it/they bring you fulfillment? Does it/they assist you in your growth? Does it/they inspire you? Does it/they make you happy? Does it/they motivate you? These are just some of the questions that I am asking myself. You can choose your own questions for yourself or feel free to use mine!

Disclaimer: I am in NO WAY knocking Fashion Nova. I actually shop there! I also follow The Shade Room (a celebrity news blog) and will continue to do so. However, too much of anything will kill you, so I will let the other ones go. I am in no way knocking any of the accounts that I unfollowed. I just made an executive decision for my account.


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