Baby Steps

IMG_ADC50DA41D29-1So, it’s been a minute! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat in front of my MacBook and began drafting a post. At some point, I’d either become distracted and lose focus in one way or another or I simply found myself stuck in thought. No matter the cause, it always leads to me closing my computer. Well guess what? Not today! I opened my computer to update my beautiful followers with whats going on in my world and THAT is what I’m going to do! What distractions???! WHEERRRE? lol

I have been working on bringing a few different ideas to fruition. I’ve been busy brainstorming, investing (in myself) and executing as well. I owe a lot of this progress and new found motivation to a couple of simple changes in my daily routine.  I’ve always believed that the way you begin your days, sets the tone for how the rest of your day will pretty much go. With that in mind, I’ve been making a very conscious effort of sticking to these new and actually VERY simple modifications which have made a tremendous difference in my days. What was that? You want to know what changes I’ve made??? No problem! I don’t mind sharing at all! : )

Most people wake up and hit the ground running. I’ve done this for pretty much all of my life and motherhood made it so much easier to continue on in this way. By bedtime, I’m wondering what time I made specifically for myself. I’m wondering what order was it that I moved in and I quickly come to the realization that most of the time there wasn’t any. Sure, I get my kids to school on time every morning (well,… most mornings) and I pick them up on time. I show up for appointments. I pay bills on time. I have dinner ready by 6pm (on most nights.) I make sure the kids are in bed on time. At some point during my days, I find a place for myself. Did you catch that? I FIND. Meaning, I literally get in where I fit in as opposed to MAKING… DESIGNATING personal time for myself. Well, I should be speaking in past tense, because over the past month I have switched the game all the way up!

  1. My phone (outside of turning my alarm off each morning) is NO LONGER the first thing I grab. It is no longer my first source of information. I read…A BOOK. I walk downstairs into my kitchen, I start my kettle, fix me a cup of tea, have a seat and I began to read. As I read, I take moments to pause and make sure that I am absorbing areas that I really would like to be a part of my day and ultimately my life. I don’t put a time on how much I read as this changes from day to day. My only mission is to feed my mind with inspiration and perhaps even a guiding thought or affirmation for the day.  Sometimes, one or two lines can do this for me. Sometimes I go through a few pages.
  2. Once I’ve read, I gather and organize my thoughts and compose a list of things that I need to do. This change alone has been most helpful as  I’ve become not only, far more productive, but I’ve also gifted myself with another way to channel intentional living. I just love gifts! : )

So there you have it! The key to life! lol JOKE! Settle down people! All jokes aside, we are all out here trying to figure it out. The steps one person makes to help them live a more fruitful and intentional life, may not be what works for the next. I’m just doing my civil duty and sharing what it that has been working for me and hopefully it helps whoever may find themselves reading this and in need of some slight revision.

In closing, I want to mention that I am still drawing a lot of inspiration from my recent trip to the UK. I was so inspired by so many of their customs, that I have brought them back to the US with me. From moving at a slower pace and enjoying moments to releasing myself from the fixation of my phone and all that is attached to it. Another gift, I’m so very thankful for. Baby steps.


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